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Fabulous Frome was Becky's first brainchild upon moving to Frome 8 years ago, and continues to support local businesses today. The website is ultimately an information service which takes a look at where to eatdrinkshopstay in Frome.

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It also has a What's On section, which enables venue owners and others to submit their own events, or we can do it for them. Having done our own SEO, if you type in 'what's on Frome' Fabulous Frome comes up on page 1 on Google.

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The site also has an e-commerce area dedicated to the local artisans of Frome and its surrounding area, enabling people to shop online all year round, rather than waiting for the monthly Frome Independent market to take place.

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As well as doing 'spotlights' on local businesses on the website, Fabulous Frome has grown a very healthy following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. With a Facebook following of nearly 3,000, the largest reach one our Facebook posts had was to 15,000 people!

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