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At Panda Design we believe that your Social Media Marketing should should connect with individuals, creating interaction and building relationships with customers which encourage them to engage with you, creating and sharing their own product reviews and comments. 


We can help you increase the reach of your brand, getting traffic to your website through social media, by creating captivating content that promotes your business and your products. We can also discuss running a paid social media advertising campaign, known as PPC. Call us now to discuss your needs.

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By doing 'spotlights' on local businesses on the website, Fabulous Frome has grown a

very healthy following on FacebookTwitter
Instagram and Pinterest. With a Facebook following of nearly 3,000, the largest reach one our Facebook posts had was to 15,000 people!

For PizzaExpress Live we have been producing social media content for their live music events and more recently for their Playlists on Apple Music.

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